We’re back!


Apologies one and all for our absence! Since Christmas things have been very hectic in the Pretty Sweet household. We’ve had lots of orders which is always nice but also have been working on getting our name out there to you lovely people!

Check out our gallery page where you’ll see our cakes shown at their best by our friend Emily Hannah (http://emilyhannah.com/) She’s an exceptional photographer and spent a day lovingly creating these images! Over the next few months we have some availability still so get in touch if you have any requirements.

If you’re currently planning your wedding then why not buy a copy of Your North East Wedding (http://www.yournortheastwedding.com) Pretty Sweet are advertised in there amongst lots of other great North East suppliers.

This week we’re busy with a “gangster” theme cake for a birthday party next weekend, keep an eye out for images and updates.

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